The Schedule

So, now you wonder to yourself; where might I catch a glimpse of Kitty next time? Fear not! I present to you, with glitter and pom poms, 

The Schedule of Kitty Sincane's Upcoming Performances and Shows:

  • Upcoming performance with my lovely Royal Roses, TBA soon!


You can also say hi to me at these fine events:

  • TBA!


 Past performances:


  • 3rd of June, performing with my beloved Royal Roses, at The 1st Swedish Burlesque Gala, Stockholm, Sweden.
  • 4th of November, show in Högdalen, Stockholm, Sweden, with The Royal Roses 



  • 20th of November, Jiving Jamboree, The Tivoli, Helsingborg, Sweden.
  • 17th of July, Kostergården, Koster, Sweden.





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